Zagreb Boat Show 19-23.02.2020

Boat Show has profiled itself not only as an unavoidable venue that has continuously been gathering manufactures and representatives of the most prominent world brands of sporting and boating products, but also as a leading business and marketing event of the branch in the European countries. It is inter alia supported by the Croatian Olympic Committee as the leading institution of Croatian sports. Within Boat Show an international professional conference as well as various panel discussions are held.

On the whole the organisers welcomed on the 5 days of the fair, from 22. February to 26. February 2017, about 330 exhibitors from 31 countries and 27500 visitors on the Zagreb Boat Show in Zagreb.

The Zagreb Boat Show will take place on 5 days from Wednesday, 19. February to Sunday, 23. February 2020 in Zagreb.
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Boat Show Dusseldorf will be held 18 to 26 Jan 2020 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Boat Show (Boot Dusseldorf) is tailored as a professional trade fair, showcasing state of the art developments in the yacht and entire water sports industry. Next to sailing and motor yachts, diving is one of the most visited sections of the exhibition. The maritime travel market at boot Düsseldorf will offer a wide range of ideas and suggestions for holidays on the water and for boat renting holidays.

The sailing boat show is set to present a first-class line-up at boat. Boot Düsseldorf fulfills its exhibitors’ expectations for the large majority of ranges on display.

It is a huge platform that gives space to a number of companies and each come with their product description and usage. Boat Show (Boot Dusseldorf) is an event and I like events…