Who We Are

Our team is a group of specialists who have experience in sailing at all water areas. The award-winning international competitions, functional, elegant, full of class and grace ATLANTIC MARINE motor boats are waiting for the next owners. We are proud of the fact that we can provide you so valuable and unique models, which are created with passion in the spirit of traditional values that are revered in the sea.

Over the years, our models have earned a reputation for their interesting design, excellent performance and outstanding quality. Our main goal is a continuous improvement of our products by the introduction of innovative solutions, the improvement of production processes and attention to even the smallest details, which form the final image of our brand.

Boats deriving from our yard are made in the view of minimum interference in the environment and with the highest care for the passengers safety.

The manufacturer holds the highest standards and our boats are subjected to demanding tests, so that we are sure that the boats work even under the hardest conditions which they may encounter on the high seas.

Production and transport…



Our boats are 100% hand-made, which guarantees the highest quality and durability of laminate precisely located. Gelcoat is done by hand which guarantee that the layer of gelcoat is the appropriate thickness of 0,6-0,8mm.The method of execution of all elements by hand achieves unprecedented quality in the process of mass production of boats which usually occurs in boat builders.


We own the truck fleet and freight forwarding which make delivery possible even to remote parts of the world.


We have the wide service and boat-repair.


Each order is individual and comprises ) boatbuilding according to clients’ orders and expectations.


This is one of the biggest advantages of our shipyard. Strict production plan and monitoring allows us to ensure the execution of orders on time.


Each project begins with a bold idea.
With years of experience we have gained in cooperation with our customers we are able to offer first-class boats.
We also own a professional pattern shop boats for developing the shipbuilding industry

We in numbers

300 Boats produced annually
100 Dealers in 10 countries
2 New models each year
100 Workers
8 Awards
1 000 000 Satisfied customers

Our Company

After 15 years of continual development and production of nearly 3500 motor boats, Atlantic Marine brand is recognizable among its users all around the world. Top quality, comfort, stability, innovation and excellent workmanship is the key to success.

Our clients appreciate the top quality of our products. Our boats can be seen on all the seas. We are proud of them and their function in our clients’ life.

The main office of our company is in Augustów. We are the owners of the sewing-room, plexi-production plant, carpentry shop which make the production continuity possible.

Our company is open to new technologies which are regularly implemented..

We exhibit our boats at international trade fairs.

History of models


Release of the model Open 670


Release of the model Open 625


Release of the model Open 530


Release of the model Adventure 660


Release of the model Sun Cruiser 730


Release of the model Sun Cruiser 655


Release of the model Adventure 900


Release of the model Open 750


Release of the model Open 490


Release of the model Adventure 780


Release of the model Day Cruiser 720


Release of the model Sun Cruiser 630